The Green Grid launches new datacenter metrics

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Last week The Green Grid announced that it is  launching new methods (PDF) for measuring and reporting energy efficiency and data center productivity. Also of interest are potential measurements of useful work in data centers, the “Proxies for Estimating Data Center Productivity,” which are being discussed by the organization (public comment welcome.

Several white papers related to today’s announcement are now available

The Green Grid logoPUE Scalability – This white paper explains how to use data collected from energy consumption to produce both statistical analyses, and introduces a new metric called PUE Scalability to better assess how well a facility’s total power consumption scales with changes in IT power consumption.

Proxies for Estimating Data Center Productivity –This paper outlines eight possible methods for measurement of useful work in the data center, and the public will have the opportunity to offer feedback on which specific method they prefer.

Using Virtualization To Improve Data Center Efficiency — This paper outlines some of the advantages, considerations, processes, and implementation strategies needed to reduce server power consumption in a data center using virtualization techniques.


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