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Archives for March 2009

Sun confirms additional 1,500 jobs cut reported yesterday that Sun has confirmed additional job cuts this week Sun Microsystems, amid persistent reports of a possible acquisition by IBM, is eliminating an additional 1,500 employees from its global work force this week — the latest wave in an 18 percent staffing reduction announced in November, a Sun executive said. The company […]

InsideTrack: stimulus money headed into HPC on the back of other programs

I was on the phone with Charlie Wuischpard, the CEO of Penguin Computing, today and got some interesting insight into possible HPC impact from President Obama’s stimulus spending. From the various posts I’ve made and pointed to on the subject, you’ll remember that while there is nominal added funded for computing in the stimulus act, […]

But will it play in Peoria?

If you didn’t grow up in the US on reruns of 1960s television, you might want the Wikipedia entry for that title. Anyway, I just got off the air recording an episode of Intel’s Parallel Programming Talk podcast with Aaron Tersteeg and Clay Breshears. Aaron and I have talked by email and phone, and Clay […]

Power efficient servers, virtualization, and green HPC

We’ve been talking a bit here lately about the uses of virtualization in HPC, and there are strong advocates on both sides of the question. The general roar of the IT press though is in virtualization’s favor, which is why I was pleased to see this counter-study at While many IT pros use virtualization […]

Appro and Terascala Partner on Storage

Appro and Terascala announced a partnership this morning to deliver Appro’s Xtreme-X and HyperGreen Blade Cluster solutions in conjunction with Terascala’s MTS and RTS 1000 Lustre storage appliances. “An important consideration when designing an efficient supercomputing environment is to maximize infrastructure utilization. The partnership with Terascala Storage solutions and Appro’s supercomputing server solutions maximize infrastructure […]

STFC Daresbury Laboratory's new Tesla, Nehalem combo cluster

More news from the UK’s Streamline Computing, this time about a new system to be installed at the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Daresbury Laboratory. This system is interesting in that it uses the new Xeon 5500’s (Nehalem-EP) and the QuickPath Interconnect along side NVIDIA’s Tesla graphics cards. Technical specialists from NVIDIA and Streamline […]

SiCortex says Nehalem is too little, too late

SiCortex is one of the few HPC vendors who doesn’t have at least one product line in the Nehalem refresh fest that marked today’s chip launch. Of course their gear is based on MIPS processors. Not to be left out the news cycle, SiCortex is shopping around the opposition point of view, which landed in […]

Nehalem-EP, world. World, meet Nehalem.

It wasn’t out when I looked before work this morning, but by the time I got home and got the laptop back out, the news was fully distributed. Intel’s Xeon 5500 series processor, the follow-on to Harpertown, the latest Core i7 processor, that’s right — Nehalem-EP — is out of the closet. The new enterprise-class […]

Silicon Graphics Supports Nehalem on ICE: Complete with Benchmarks

On the tails on Intel’s official release of their latest Xeon silicon, deemed Nehalem, Silicon Graphics have announced support for the new chip in their ICE cluster series. To remain competitive, users today require their IT platforms to deliver results much sooner, even as their applications increase in complexity and data sets grow exponentially,” said […]

According to Otellini, Sun Was Shopped Around

In a recent SEC filing, Intel CEO Paul Otellini made a few comments regarding the recent news that IBM has expressed interest to open their [very large] wallet and merge [*cough*… purchase] Sun Microsystems.  The original comments came during an employee webcast last week discussing Intel’s stock options program. Oh, I don’t know if the […]