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Acceleware announces GPU services group

This week HPC application appliance maker Acceleware (about whom I’ve written in depth before) announced the formation of a new professional services team

Acceleware…announced a new CUDA-based professional services offering, designed to help organizations rapidly implement GPU based High Performance Computing (HPC) software projects. These new CUDA-based services, including consulting, training and quick start packages, will provide expertise for parallel code optimization projects and customization for Acceleware’s existing products.

…Successful HPC solutions are the product of a number of technologies combined together to create an integrated and efficient platform. Acceleware’s areas of expertise include:

  • Parallelizing the hard problems
  • Accelerating the whole problem to provide meaningful, total run-time acceleration
  • Programming languages and 3rd party tool experience
  • Scalability

More, plus links, in the release.

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