Ideas for improving computer science education

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A post last week at the new (I think) ACM blog highlights how some of the ideas from a 2007 PCAST report on NITRD are being used by policy makers today to improve computer science education in the US

We outline four recommendations (and specific legislative language for the wonks out there):

  • Promote computing education, particularly at the K-12 level, and increased exposure to computing education and research opportunities for women and minorities as core elements of the NITRD program;
  • Require the NITRD program to address education and diversity programs in its strategic planning and road-mapping process;
  • Expand efforts at the National Science Foundation (NSF) to focus on computer science education, particularly at the K-12 level through broadening the Math Science Partnership program; and,
  • Enlist the Department of Education and its resources and reach in addressing computer science education issues.

…We must do more to expose kids to a quality computer science education program at the K-12 level, support teachers and bring innovative new curricula into the schools. Opening a serious education front in the NITRD program would be a good start to this ambitious goal.