LONI Gains 4.77 Tflops With Painter

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loni-mapThe Louisiana Optical Network Initiative [LONI], today announced that it has gained an additional 4.77 Tflop of computational capacity with its latest supercomputer install.  The new machine, name Painter, is housed at the Data Replication Center and Louisiana Tech University.  This marks the fifth of six Dell machines that make up the clusters on LONI.

This supercomputer will help support scientific calculations and data processing by several different disciplines on the Louisiana Tech campus,” says Dr. Zeno Greenwood, associate professor of physics. “Painter will give us much, much more and incredibly faster computing than we ever had previously.”

Painter was named for LATech professor, Jack Painter.  He was instrumental in bringing the first supercomputer to the campus in the 1950’s.  For more info on the new machine, read the full article here.