Macedonia's first supercomputer

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There was sketchy news on the computerwebs on Friday that Macedonia has just installed its very first supercomputer (no, I didn’t where Macedonia was either: it’s in Europe bordered by Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and others).

The English in the postings isn’t great, and my Macedonian is even worse, but it appears that the system will be used at least in part in an academic setting and is part of a national initiative to improve the e-infrastructure of the country

This system was necessary for our state administration. Its powerfulness will significantly improve the services currently available for the citizens and private sector as well as future services. The information society in Macedonia resumes to be developed at an accelerated pace, which will place Macedonia amongst the first 15 countries according to the European Commission in 2010 in terms of the availability of electronic services to citizens, said Minister Ivo Ivanovski.

I can’t tell from the information that I could find over the weekend what it is or how big it is. If you know (or if you can read enough Macedonian to plow through the original source material), drop us a comment please.