New HPC platform aimed at financial market

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Kuberre Systems announced a new HPC platform today aimed primarily at the financial services industry. The platform, called HANSA, bundles hardware and software into a package aimed at ease of use for the financial industry

HANSA comes with 1536 double-precision cores to solve numerical problems or 768 generic RISC-processing cores to solve generic C problems. It can link proprietary C libraries seamlessly in a massively parallel environment. A powerful 256GB memory cache distributed and shared across all processors eliminates network latencies associated with data transfers and increases the size and scope of problems it can solve.

…A patent-pending platform, HANSA combines Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) power, flexible C/C++/Java API programming, and a GNU C Compiler. HANSA is a simple plug and play system that runs existing C/C++ applications without rewrite. A single CPU board allows users to interact with and manage the platform as a Windows or Linux workstation with no reprogramming.

The web page for the system highlights benefits for arbitrage, real-time analytics, and derivative risk management, and claims management advantages from putting all the power into one box. I’ve not seen this box, or the company, until now. If you have experience with them, leave a comment and share it with the rest of us.