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New Japanese plasma simulator in production

Found at Cheer HPC, news that alongside the new Earth Simulator 2, Japan has put another super into operation. This one is a 77 TFLOPS Hitachi SR16000 system for plasma simulation at the National Institute of Plasma Science in Japan

New Plasma Simulator (Phase 1: Hitachi SR16000 model L2)

– 77 TFLOPS peak performance, 16 TB memory, InfiniBand Fat Tree Network
– Number of nodes: 128
– External storage: 0.5 PB
– Direct water cooling
– Peak performance/Power: 102.1 MFLOPS/W
– Contract price: About 5.4 Byen (about $55M)
In Phase2 (2012/10~2015/3), it is upgraded to 315 TFLOPS)

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