"Resource responsible computing" at ORNL

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I actually like that better than “green computing” — it’s sounds less like hype and more like someone is actuallly doing something.

The someone in this case is Oak Ridge. HPCwire ran a feature this week highlighting the steps that ORNL is taking to manage the resource demands of its very super supers.

It all starts with the building. ORNL’s Computational Sciences Building (CSB) was among the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified computing facilities in the country, meaning that its design satisfies criteria used by the U.S. Green Building Council to measure the efficiency and sustainability of a building.

…Another computing building on the ORNL campus adjacent to the CSB was recently certified LEED Gold, and Bland points out that the laboratory plans on an equal rating for future HPC facilities. But the innovation doesn’t stop with the building — there is plenty more under the roof.

And the article goes on to talk about those innovations, including high efficiency chillers, Cray’s ECOphlex cooling systems, and the use of 480-volt power directly by the Crays that saves the lab about $1M in power cords.