Russian HPC company intros cell-based system at CeBIT

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Russian HPC maker T-Platforms, which has sytems on the Top500, is showing off its new cell-based gear at CeBIT this week in Hanover

T-Platforms company, the leading Russian developer and provider of supercomputers, takes part in the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions – CeBIT-2009. At the united stand of the Ministry of Science and Education of the RF T-Platforms displays the first and the only Russian hardware/software solutions based on 9-core PowerXCell™ 8i processor.

…Dual-processor PeakCell S server in a compact 1U form-factor provides the peak performance of 409,6GFlops. Through the high performance and any PCI Express cards compatibility the solution can be effectively used as a workgroup server for compute-intensive tasks in science and industry.