ScalableInformatics intros GPU+Cell box

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Michigan-based HPC storage and compute provider ScalableInformatics announced today that they are now offering IBM’s Cell in their Tesla-based workstations

The Pegasus-GPU+Cell is the first-to-market product offering both GPU and Cell technology in a single box. Combining up to 3 accelerator systems with a high performance computing substrate, it features up to 16 processor cores, up to 256 GB of RAM, and up to 40x 2.5 inch SATA/SAS drives. This deskside system provides tremendous computational and I/O power tightly coupled to accelerated computing with GPUs and Cell processors.

Developers may use the Pegasus-GPU+Cell system to leverage the power of both the GPU and Cell processors, providing a powerful heterogeneous acceleration platform. End-users can leverage GPU and/or Cell optimized applications, as well as adapting their existing applications for acceleration.

You can plug between 4 and 16 cores in this box (AMD or Intel), and up to 256 GB of memory. I think this is a really interesting HPC solution. Joe’s perspective is “volume technologies rule,” and yet he is still finding ways to innovate within that commodity framework.

The release doesn’t appear to be on the web yet, but you can find out more here.