SDSC Hosts Two Workshops on Bridging HPC and Humanities

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The San Diego Supercomputer Center [SDSC] has announced that it will host two, 2-Day workshops designed to help begin to bridge the gap between high performance computing and humanities.  The workshop, called Data Challenges in the Humanities, will be held March 18-20th and May 14-15 at SDSC.

The focus of this workshop is to engage humanists in sustained collaboration with colleagues in high performance computing,” said Diane Baxter, SDSC’s director of education.  “We have a wealth of tools, methods, and services for working with vast amounts of digital data. These have tremendous potential to enhance and accelerate humanities research and education across all universities and institutions.”

Held in collaboration with Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts and Social Science [I-CHASS] at UIUC, the workshops will help addess the issue of “establishing a robust digital portfolio system designed to enhance online learning and house large, media-rich projects.”

This is wonderful initiative from the folks at SDSC and UIUC.  HPC has not permeated the social sciences and humanities to the extent that it has the traditional scientific disciplines.  I’ve personally taken part in theorizing methods to build computational models of complex social networks.  For more info on the workshops and the initiative, read the full news release here.