SiCortex science to science series

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SiCortex announced this week that it is beginning a webinar series to highlight the ways in which HPC is used in science…on SiCortex gear, one presumes.

SiCortex logoIn each installment of the series, scientists from renowned academic institutions will present the results of groundbreaking research projects and discuss the implications of their findings using dynamic visual presentations. Participants can look forward to research results and thought-provoking discussions in astrophysics, physics, earth sciences, computer science and ecology.

In the first webinar, scheduled Tuesday Mar 17, is about black holes

During the inaugural Webinar, researchers from the Louisiana State University (LSU) Department of Physics and Astronomy and the LSU Center for Computation and Technology will present “From Black Holes to Gamma-Ray Bursts.” This research, performed on SiCortex computers, represents a breakthrough in large data-set simulations on the CACTUS computation framework.

Registration information is available at