Site facelift, beware falling pixels

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Thanks to Joe over at, we didn’t have any more site issues this morning. Hopefully, things will stabilize now.

But just to maximize chances that they don’t, I’ve just completed development on a tweak of the site theme. This is the first major visual change for 18 months or so, and in doing it I’ve made room for some of the new features we’re planning and I tried to focus the site navigation and presentation on the features that most of you use.

I’m sure it will take some getting used to (I’m still not 100% satisfied), but if you have an immediate reaction — positive or negative — let me know. And if I’ve blasted some feature that you just can’t live without, tell me that, too.


  1. New header, smaller and different font. Looks good so far. Font may be a tad small for some. Then again I have my screen maxed at 1920×1200 so it may just be my system. Still easy enough to read.

    All in all, thumbs up so far. (-;


  2. John West says

    Rich – thanks. The font thing is actually an accident; an artifact of finishing at 2 in the morning. I need to make it a little bigger again.

  3. YEAH BABY!! It just keeps getting better!

  4. Checking out the website from work. Linux with Firefox. Still looks pretty decent with the fonts and layout. Second thumbs up.


  5. Just found one down side. Top banner is no longer linked to the home page. Once I do a comment or read an article I have to hit the back button or my bookmark. Easier if the banner links back to the main page. (-; I know, I know, picky picky.

    The Pedantic one.

  6. Rich – not pedantic, I used the header bar shortcut all the time. I replaced the text-based bar with a background image, and now I have to figure out whatever the css trick is the restore the homepage link for the logo portion of the header. It irritates me too.

    By the way, you still CAN get to the homepage from the header: Just click the “News” link, upper right.

  7. Rich (and everyone) – ok, I’ve fixed the header so that when you click near the words “” in the header you’ll be taken back to the home page, the same behavior as the original site. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.