You're just a nip and a tuck away from a better insideHPC

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Hello everyone. We’ve been busy as beavers here at insideHPC HQ, and we’ve got a lot of things coming for you in the next few months. A facelift, some new content features, and other tweaks that I hope will make you rely on insideHPC even more than you do now. We’re getting it all started with a change in ownership.

About a year ago we announced that we had become part of the Tabor family of brands. We’re going to continue to work closely with our buddies at Tabor, but I’m (John West, here) regaining ownership of the insideHPC site and name. About the only difference you’ll see is the missing “A Tabor Publication” from the masthead. We’re even keeping the handy pointer to recent HPCwire articles in the sidebar.

Sure, a nip here and a tuck there, but we’ll be careful not to break that core familiarity you’ve come to depend on. And, no matter whether you like or hate the changes we make, please let me and the rest of the insideHPC team know what you think. As much as I love doing this, it only makes sense if you love reading it.

Along with the change in ownership we’re changing servers again. The move will happen on Saturday. You shouldn’t notice anything, but if you are hitting the site over the weekend you may be greeted with a “whoops” message while the new DNS entries are propagating. I hope this will be the last time in a long time that we move.


  1. Rich Hickey says

    Hey John,

    As long as you don’t interrupt my HPC news all will be good. Otherwise I might need to take you out back to the wood shed and have talk. (-:

    Hope all is well and good with you.



  2. Will you still write for HPCWire? I’m just stunned that the marriage is breaking up soon…

  3. Chris – yes, that’s the plan. I really enjoy writing for them, and it pays off big dividends in my day job. I’m very happy to keep doing it as long as it makes sense for everyone. Thanks for asking!

  4. Hey John,
    Since the marriage broke up did you also leave LMT? That would be a travesty but I wouldn’t blame you.

  5. Cliborn – nah, vocation and avocation strictly separate. Don’t cross the streams!