A visual timeline of the rise and sale of SGI

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Inspired by the text timeline that Siliconvalley.com (a publication of the Mercury News) put out on 01 April, I’ve created a graphical timeline of the rise and sale of SGI. I started with some of the events that they put in, and then added a bunch of my own that were either important to me, or add to the interesting pageant of activity that has been SGI over the years.

Here’s the thumb…click for the higher res version that you can actually read.

SGI Timeline

One thing that’s interesting to me seeing all this laid out visually is the paired events: CEOs hired/fired, companies bought and then sold for pennies on the original dollar.

These are just the events that seemed important to me. If there’s an event that I left off that you think is important, drop in a comment.


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  1. Very interesting. I would consider including the end of production of MIPS IRIX products in December 2006.

  2. Spencer Swift says

    Good and interesting timeline John.

    I might also have put in the acquisition of the Intergraph visual workstation product and people:


    and the LNXI asset acquisition. I think the Intergraph purchase just got written down eventually.