Acumem announces new tools

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Acumem has announced that support for Windows HPC Server 2008 is now available in its performance tools suite featuring Threadspotter and Slowspotter.

The performance analysis tools, which expose causes of bandwidth-heavy
behavior as well as poor cache utilization, can also provide suggested
fixes for both:

They allow the Windows developer to quantify and locate
performance problems quickly and simply, displaying an absolute index of
the potential performance boost for each SlowspotTM
identified. This greatly increases the productivity of the development
process in performance-critical applications since the developer is
presented with an immediate cost/benefit analysis of the potential gain
to be obtained following optimization of the offending code.

Both Acumem and Microsoft emphasize the importance of the tools to the
multi-core environment:

“…Acumem’s tools give an additional opportunity for
performance optimization which is critical in the HPC space.” says Vince
Mendillo, director of HPC marketing at Microsoft. “Multi-core is an
important area for Microsoft and adding tools in this area is a natural
path forward.”

Acumem’s technology allows programmers to optimize code for
the multi-core paradigm shift and hence enables owners of systems and
applications to get the best performance from their multi-core