Cray, Fernbach, and Kennedy award nominations due July 1

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Dan Reed has a post on his blog today about the upcoming due dates for HPC’s Nobel Prizes, the Cray and Fernbach awards, plus a brand new one named in honor of Ken Kennedy.

This year, I have the honor and privilege to chair the selection committee for the Seymour Cray and Sidney Fernbach awards, both of which will be presented at SC09 in Portland, Oregon. These eponymously named awards recognize truly outstanding contributions to high-performance computing, in honor of two early leaders of our field.

The Cray award honors outstanding HPC systems architects; past winners include luminaries such as Steve Wallach (Convex, Convey), Tadashi Watanabe (NEC SX), Steve Scott (Cray T3E, X1), Burton Smith (of Tera fame), and others.

The Fernabach award recognizes the outstanding application of HPC using innovative approaches. Past winners include Bill Gropp (MPI), Jack Dongarra (LAPACK, etc.) and many others.

About this year’s newest award honoring Ken Kennedy

I also encourage you to nominate worthy individuals for the inaugural Ken Kennedy award, which recognizes substantial contributions to programmability and productivity in computing and substantial community service or mentoring contributions. Many of us worked to ensure the creation of this award, in honor of our late friend.

You can access the submissions page here.