InsideTrack: Rumors that two bidders survived the SGI process

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Industry sources say that only two bidders made it through the diligence process willing to submit a bid: Rackable, and a group of creditors, and that Rackable has the winning bid at this point. We posted at the beginning of the week about rumors of who was digging around. Evidently they didn’t come out happy with what they found.

No word of who was in that creditor group, and that is likely to not change. The debt holders filed a motion to seal the bids, making them invisible to the general public, and the judge partially concurred, making the names of the bidders available to Rackable but not to the public. This last bit is sole sourced, and I’m looking for corroboration. If you can corroborate, or if you can point me to a corroborating document on the interwebs, send me a note or leave a comment.


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