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PRACE Offers Summertime Porting Workshops

PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, is sponsoring two summer workshops to be held at CSC Finland and CSCS Switzerland as part of a series of code-porting workshops the group is presenting in 2009.

The first workshop will be held June 11-12 at CSC Finland and offers a broad set of lectures on forward-looking programming models as well as the selection of numerical libraries, with a focus on lessons learned from tuning and porting three applications. Performance measurement tools Scalasca and Paraver will also be highlighted.

The second workshop, to be held July 13-15 at CSCS Switzerland, focuses on porting codes to the Cray XT5 platform. John Levesque, Director of Cray’s Supercomputing Center of Excellence, will lead the three-day workshop featuring lectures as well as hands-on sessions.

Registration is free of charge and the workshops are open to participants from all PRACE member countries. For more information, see the PRACE press release.

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