Rice Buys Appro HyperGreen Cluster

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ApproAppro announecd today that the Rice University Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology has purchased an Appro HyperGreen Cluster solution.  The system consists of two fully integrated clusters, featuring the latest in Intel Nehalem silicon.  In total, the machine will be installed with 94 nodes, totaling 752 cores with a Mellanox DDR Infiniband fabric.

Appro HyperGreen Cluster offers a dense, modular and Intel Cluster Ready certified solution that simplifies and accelerates HPC cluster deployment,” said Richard Dracott, general manager of high-performance computing at Intel Corporation. “For this award, the Appro HyperGreen Cluster takes full advantage of Intel’s QuickPath Technologies by providing Rice University researchers the expanded memory capacity and improved system I/O memory they need to continue producing world-class results allowing the Kennedy Institute to support a growing portfolio of computational science and engineering research.”

For more info, read the full release here.