WRF Goes Version 3.1

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The WRF development team [through the WRF mailing list] has announced the release of the Weather Research Forecast code version 3.1.  This release includes updates to WPS, WRF, WRFDA, post processing apps, RIP4, ARWpost and WPP.  They’ve also added a new objective analysis program, obsgrid.  Highlights include:

– Gravity wave drag for ARW and NMM

– Spectral nudging and surface analysis nudging for ARW

– WRF NMM operational (NCEP) physics and dynamics

– New physics modules

– Monotonic transport scheme

– Single column model idealized case

– WRF-DA: radiance assimilation and 4DVAR (with limited support)

– Software improvement

For more info on the specific details on this release, read the full release notes here.