Added a new category: deadpool

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I’ve added a new category that I hope to not have to use very often: deadpool. This is for companies in the HPC ecosystem that, like Alma Cogan, are no more. I went back and added LNXI, SGI (the original one, not the new Rackable/SGI), Quadrics, and now SiCortex. If you think of others, drop me a note.


  1. What about Sun? (bought by Oracle).

  2. John West says

    I’m holding off on Sun since the deal is still pending regulatory approval.

  3. Woven Systems

  4. John West says

    Patrick – I didn’t know about Woven. Is it official or just a rumor?

  5. I haven’t seen an official statement, but from the comments on this piece, looks like Light Reading got some sort of confirmation:

  6. John West says

    Patrick – Woven is confirmed, multiple sources, some within the company. Last day of business was May 22.

  7. Clearspeed.
    Ok not quite dead – but down from c. 140 employees at the start of 2008 to only a dozen now. The company had its AGM last week where it was to delist itself from the stock exchange and return investors money.