AMAX announces new Tesla cluster offering

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On the heels of yesterday’s announcement by NVIDIA of their Preconfigured Tesla Cluster program AMAX has announced their entrant in the category.

AMAX Tesla clusterAMAX is offering two preconfigured options, both with a QDR IB interconnect: the ServMax PGC-2508 comes with 8 Tesla S1070s, 32 quadcore Xeons, and 256 GB of RAM; the ServMax PGC-2504 is half of the 2508. And if neither of those is just what you want, they’ll customize one just for you (check out the product page for details).

“AMAX is proud to be working closely with technology partners such as NVIDIA to deliver best-in-class, high performance NVIDIA Tesla cluster solutions that address customers’ most demanding HPC applications and I/O requirements,” said James Huang, Product Marketing Manager of AMAX. “Our Tesla platform represents one of the most significant product innovations of the high-performance computing industry.”