…and the winner picked

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The winner of the first week’s prize in the “Bribery is Fair Play” survey contest, that is. The winner was long time reader Kevin Buterbaugh. He is already the proud owner of an iPod, so Kevin picked the $50 gift certificate from Amazon. As he says, “you can’t have too many books.” I could not agree more, Kevin. I could not agree more.

If you’re not Kevin, you didn’t win. I’ll bet you’re bummed. Who wouldn’t be?

But there is good news: all you have to do to be in the pool for this week’s drawing is fill out the survey, and give me your email (you know, so I can tell you you’ve won. I’m NOT selling your email address or setting up a Ponzi scheme). If you’ve already done the survey but didn’t get picked, just hang out and watch Ben 10 with your kids until Thursday when we’ll draw a new name out of fate’s coin purse.

Click here for a description of prizes, rules, and stuff you might want to know.