Britain establishes green IT certification

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The British Computer Society is establishing a certificate program in green IT. From an article at Enterprise IT Planet:

The British Computer Society is seeking to change that, at least in Great Britain, through the establishment of a three-day program that will lead program participants to a Foundation Certificate in Green IT. The syllabus begins with a definition of Green IT, followed by a section on how to measure an organization’s current environmental impact (such as measuring carbon) and exploring various green technologies such as virtualization and power efficiency, and concluding with a section on implementing Green IT within organizations. More information, including FAQ’s, are here.

The constellation of issues that are relevant to general IT and those relevant to HPC in specific only partially overlap, but I suspect that this could be a useful introduction to at least the broader issues for those that are HPC-focused but struggling with how to think about these issues in our context.

Of course we’ll be talking in detail about this throughout the course of our Green HPC podcast series, launching in June. Plan to listen in.


  1. johan willemse says

    i have a small it company in south africa and have recently begun to lose a lot of business due to the fact that my company doesnt have green it certification. alarge part of my bussiness is buying up redundant computers and equipment from large corporates.

    my question is, how and where does one begin to get the certification.

    help please


    johan willemse

  2. Green IT will soon become a standard operation for a large percentage of businesses. We recently started to research ways to cut down on energy expenses. I would sign up our entire IT team for this program when it goes live.

    We recently signed up for a green business certification program called Green Business Bureau – . The program is very useful, however if paired with an IT certification I could forsee significant savings on our bottom line.