Cambridge builds supercomputer cloud for SMB, academics

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Found at ITPro, an article on U of Cambridge (UK) plans to open up its supercomputing infrastructure for small businesses and other universities that need excess capacity

Cambridge University plans to open up its High Performance Computers (HPC) to both other universities and SMBs to take advantage of the technology, albeit at a cost, according to Paul Calleja, director of High-Performance Computing at the institute.

…Calleja would not divulge which companies had shown interest but told IT PRO sectors included automotive, risk management and pharmaceuticals. He did admit, however, that bringing in the extra revenue in the public sector at this time would be beneficial.

He also said: “We are looking at putting in commercial fibre feeds to allow users to access it without going through the university and we will use multiple 10gb links.

Cambridge is going to host the service on a new Dell super the university is acquiring.