Cisco eats its own unified dogfood

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The Register is reporting that Cisco is going to be its own beta customer on the Unified Computing System (UCS) — which still isn’t shipping yet, despite all the news coverage

Turns out Cisco is its own first beta test customer, and the company’s IT brass Wednesday was talking about its own plans for deployment.

…Cisco had a UCS setup running in its Mountain View, California, site before the launch of the product in March, and is planning to roll out California boxes as part of its normal x64 server upgrade cycle during the next two and a half years. By the end of that time frame all of its x64 instances will be running on its own California gear.

Cisco would not say how many x64 servers it has spread across its 52 data centers and server rooms worldwide, comprising 14 production and customer-facing data centers and 38 product development data centers and server rooms. All told, these data centers take up 215,000 square feet of space and burn more than 20 megawatts of juice.


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