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HPCS 2009 program, workshops announced

The Canadian High Performance Computing Symposium 2009 program has been announced and you can find details at The symposium is also hosting a series of workshops

Workshop Topics:

  • Using OpenMP 3.0 for Parallel Programming on Multicore Systems; Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems; Dieter an Mey and Christian Terboven, Technical University of Aachen
  • HPC Meets Dtrace: A Getting Started Tutorial for Dtrace Newbies; Thomas Nau, University of Ulm
  • Using the Pilot Library: A Fresh Alternative to MPI for HPC Clusters; William Gardner, John Carter and Gary Grewal, University of Guelph
  • Using the NAG Numerical Libraries on Multicore Systems; Jeremy Walton, Numerical Algorithms Group
  • Next Generation Sequencing: Bringing Together HPC and DNA Sequencing; Paulo Nuin, Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network
  • Parallel Programming in Visual Studio 2008 on Windows HPC Server 2008; Christian Terboven, Technical University of Aachen
  • Solving Larger Problems with MATLAB: A parallel computing with MATLAB Hands-on Workshop; Sarah Zaranek, Mathworks Inc.

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