IBM announces productization of stream computing research

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IBM has been briefing pieces of  its stream computing research efforts over the past 12 months or so. We’ve covered it before here, here, and in HPCwire here). At its annual investor briefing yesterday IBM announced that parts of the research are getting a line in the catalog. The new software is called “System S”

IBM logoSystem S is built for perpetual analytics – utilizing a new streaming architecture and breakthrough mathematical algorithms, to create a forward-looking analysis of data from any source – narrowing down precisely what people are looking for and continuously refining the answer as additional data is made available.

For at least a while is offering the software as part of a free trial

Additionally, IBM is making System S trial code available at no cost to help clients better understand the software’s capabilities and how they can take advantage of it for their business.  This trial code includes developer tools, adapters and software to test applications.

Other elements of the research have included hardware support for some of the System S features, perhaps future announcements will include a stream computing hardware platform as well.