PSSC Labs closes in on 1,000 clusters shipped

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PSSC Labs sent us an email this week to let us know they are nearing an interesting milestone: 1,000 clusters shipped. According to the company they are shipping between 20 and 25 clusters a month now.

Asked to comment on the reasons for PSSC Labs success, Mr. Lesser points to simple facts. “First we do not outsource any step of the process, this gives us complete control. Second we test, test and retest our systems prior to delivery,” asserts Mr. Lesser. PSSC Labs failure rate is significantly below industry averages. This can be attributed to the three to four weeks of testing each PowerWulf Cluster as a complete solution. “Very often we do not see problems arise until many weeks of running Linpack benchmark tests,” explains Mr. Lesser. “We have heard other companies ship within 48 or 72 hours. From our perspective this does little, if anything, to find and diagnose problems. “

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