RapidMind web seminars for medical imaging vendors

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RapidMind announced late last week that they are offering a series of seminars aimed at educating medical imaging application vendors about how their multicore tools can help speed up imaging applications

RapidMind, provider of the RapidMind Multi-core Development Platform, today announced the launch of a series of web seminars examining how leading medical imaging companies are using the RapidMind platform to meet the challenge of exploding 3D/4D data volume sizes, constrained development resources, and clinical expectations for ever faster volume processing times. Today, RapidMind is used in the advanced volume processing of CT scans and ultrasound sonograms, image analysis of ultrasound data, and registration.

…As part of the seminar series, Dr. McCool provides technical insight into several examples of how RapidMind is accelerating medical imaging applications, including a recent study from the University of Waterloo. The study, conducted by Lin Xu and Dr. Justin W. L. Wan, demonstrated that the RapidMind platform provided over 100 times acceleration of a 2D/3D rigid registration application running on an off-the-shelf graphics card (GPU). This level of acceleration means the registration can be performed in near real time, offering a powerful tool for radiation therapy and computer-assisted surgery. The paper is available at http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~jwlwan/papers/XuWan08.pdf.

The next seminar runs June 2.  You can register here.