ScaleMP announces SPEC CPU2006 results, 2X previous x86 best

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scalempScaleMP has announced record-breaking results for SPECfp_rate_base2006 on their x86 SMP technology.  They achieved a rating of 666 on 32 Intel Xeon [2.93Ghz] cores with HyperThreading enabled.  The result is 2X the previous best x86 result and among the top 30 all time.  The SPEC CPU Benchmark is “the industry-standard, CPU-intensive benchmark suite, stressing a system’s processor, memory subsystem and compiler. It is designed to provide a comparative measure of compute-intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware using workloads developed from real user applications.”

For more info you can view the full results on the SPEC website here or read the full release here.