Take the "Bribery is fair play" survey and you just might win an iPod

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(Note: the contest ended May 21, 2009)

We’ve had a couple surveys over the years here at insideHPC — we’ve done shirt surveys and asked you what we could change to make things better — but as we were kicking back here at world HQ the other day we realized we had never asked who you guys are. And hey, we want to know!

So we’ve worked up a few questions to help us figure that out. We think it will only take three or four minutes, but we know, that’s three or four minutes of your life that you ain’t getting back. You need some incentive, and we’ve got some.

We are going to keep the survey open for several weeks to get as many answers as possible. And to encourage you to give us that three or four minutes, we’re bribing you with the fabulous prize of your choice. Each week we’ll pick one of the respondents at random to win a prize, and if you don’t get picked that week, hang on, because we might pick you next week. Here’s the best part…you get to pick the prize! It’s bribery with an attitude.

What can you win? How about an iPod Shuffle, you pick the color! (Silver or black, take a look.) I know, pretty sweet. But then we thought, “hey, what if they hate music, or already have an iPod?” So you can have your choice of the gift that’s just right for everyone: gift cards! If an iPod isn’t for you, pick a $50 gift card from Home Depot, Starbucks, Amazon, or Office Depot. I’ll even send it to you myself.

So, to summarize:

  1. You give us 3-4 minutes and fill out the survey
  2. We pick one name at random each week
  3. The winner picks the gift they like best: an iPod Shuffle, or a $50 gift card from one of the stores listed above.

That’s just 3 easy steps to adding Bob Marley to your morning jog. Or a circular saw. But we don’t recommend you jog with a circular saw.

Take the Survey

What do you need to know? We don’t have lawyers, but we think you need to know this stuff: You can’t win more than once, if you don’t win one week we’ll keep you in the drawing for the next week, you have to give us your email if you want to be entered (but you can do the survey and not give us your email), and if you give us your email we aren’t going to share it.


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