Terascala Announces Lustre Appliance Backed with LSI Storage

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Terascala, today, announced the latest addition to their Lustre appliance storage series.  The DTS 4000 is being billed as the first large-scale Lustre appliance available to consumers.  The DTS 4000 combines the expertise of Terascala’s file system and storage appliance with a highly scalable backend storage medium provided by LSI.  The storage backend is a product of Terascala’s recently announced partnership with LSI.  It leverages the LSI Engenio 7900 HPC storage system with the seventh-generation XBB2 architecture inside.

We believe that the combination of the Terascala parallel file system expertise and the production proven experience of the LSI™ Engenio® 7900 HPC storage system will enable HPC customers to achieve the performance and data reliability they require without having to make tradeoffs or sacrifice ease of use,” said Steve Hochberg, Senior Director, Worldwide HPC Segment, LSI Corporation. “The Terascala DTS 4000 brings a new class of appliance to customers concerned about maximizing the utilization of their processing environments while working to provide uninterrupted data access and superior data protection.”

The DTS 4000 has been architecture with modularity in mind.  Customers can request configurations with high performance and/or capacity in mind based on the following performance features:

.: 1.6GB/s per Object Storage pair over Infiniband or 10GbE

.: Up to 15,000 file creates per second

.: Parity on read and controller cache mirroring with disk caching disabled

.: No single point of failure

.: Up to 480 drives per Performance Object Module configured as hardware assisted RAID 6 [scalable to PB’s of raw capacity]

.: Fully configured appliance

For more info on the new gear from Terascala, read the full release here.


  1. Any TeraScala customers here who can share their experiences? I’d be interesting in hearing a bit more offline.

    – B