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Archives for June 2009

Putting the petascale to work in visualization

Randall at reported yesterday on an experiment to visualize seismic data sets at the highest possible fidelity. From his post Combining the Mare Nostrum supercomputer with Cell Processors (just like the PS3 or the RoadRunner) to create the “Kaleidoscope Project”. The Kaleidoscope Project encompasses a simultaneous innovation of hardware and software to achieve a […]

Istanbul and Nehalem repeat death match in the STREAM arena

Yesterday I pointed to reporting that The Reg did on a match up between Istanbul and Nehalem on HPL; short story, Istanbul was better price performance. As reported by Michael Feldman today, Advanced Clustering Technologies who ran the original benchmark has done it again, this time with STREAM. This time Nehalem wins. Now the engineers […]

IBM announces open source machine learning compiler

Today IBM announced the open source availability of some pretty cool sounding technology IBM today announced the public availability of Milepost GCC, the world’s first open source machine learning compiler. The compiler intelligently optimizes applications, translating directly into shorter software development times and bigger performance gains. Initial IBM experiments conducted on IBM System p servers […]

NewServers partners with Scalable Informatics for cloud storage solution

Privately held NewServers, the “bare metal cloud” people, sent me a note over the emails about a new announcement between them and Scalable Informatics, Joe Landman’s Michigan-based HPC company that is starting to get a lot of attention lately for the quality of its storage and personal supercomputing solutions. I have been getting to know […]

Campus champions connect researchers to the TeraGrid

The second of the TeraGrid series of articles that Cluster Monkey is running is up now (I pointed to the first earlier). Navajo Technical College in New Mexico is a small tribal school hardly flush with research computing equipment, said Jason Arviso, director of the information technology office and National Science Foundation Science, Technology, Engineering, […]

Introducing Episode 1 of the Green HPC Podcast Series

In the inaugural episode of the Green HPC podcast series we will examine the issues that datacenter managers and system designers are facing with high performance computing systems of all sizes today. Even if you aren’t “green at heart,” there are very practical and compelling reasons why a growing awareness of energy use in your datacenter — how much, where it goes, and what it costs you — is critical to your success.

Penguin Computing Delivers NVIDIA Tesla Cluster

Penguin Computing, today, announced a new cluster deployment to the University of Delaware’s Global Computing Laboratory, headed by Assistant Professor Michela Taufer.  The new machine, named Geronimo, will be the largest machine in the facility.  More interesting, though, is the hybrid Intel 5400 and NVIDIA Tesla architecture.  The new Tesla machine comes via joint University […]

SGI Opens New Web Presence: Partners With IBM

I stumbled upon the SGI website this morning, and it seems they have revamped their web presence in order to integrate the two former organizations.  Previously, Rackable and Silicon Graphics kept separate product websites, each via its own web redirect.  As of this morning, points directly to a consolidated homepage with consolidated product overviews. […]

You can put a supercomputer in a pizza box? DARPA wants to talk to you.

I found this via a tweet to a slashdot post pointing to an article at NetworkWorld (whew!). DARPA issued an RFI for its Ubiquitous High Performance Computing program last week, and this really does look like a DARPA hard problem. The goal of the effort: The goal of the envisioned UHPC program is to provide […]

Istanbul better price performance than Nehalem on HPL

This is interesting: Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Reg is reporting on a benchmarking job that cluster maker Advanced Clustering Technologies did comparing the performance (and price performance) of two of its own two-socket servers in AMD and Intel flavors running Linpack; everything else, including the compiler, stayed the same. The machines tested In one […]