Acumem toolset conquers Intel Xeon 5500 Series

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The list of fully supported platforms for Acumem’s Threadspotter and Slowspotter optimization tools has grown to include Intel’s Nehalem microarchitecture. The 5500 series processors combined with the Threadspotter tool have achieved remarkable throughput results during initial verification of the technology on a specific application:

During the work of verifying Intel Xeon processor on ThreadSpotter the results gained were outstanding. Acumem first ran the open source application LBM (flow simulations based on the Lattice-Boltzmann method) on the Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor E5345. The next step was to optimize and run on the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 Series. The combination of Acumem ThreadSpotter and Intel Xeon processor 5500 Series provided a throughput improvement of more than a factor six of which about half could be isolated to the optimization based on advice from Acumem ThreadSpotter. These finding clearly show that new Intel Xeon processor 5500 Series provides significant performance improvements which can be significantly enhanced using Acumem tools.

Don’t know about Threadspotter and Slowspotter yet? Both tools assist users in finding and resolving application bottlenecks while providing an analysis of the importance of optimizing the problem code:

The performance impact of moving applications to new multicore architectures is significant and can be further enhanced by adapting the application code to the specific features of the multicore architecture. Acumem ThreadSpotter analyzes application bottle necks such as multi-threaded interaction, memory bandwidth and cache utilization based on the specifics of a certain processor. The resulting analysis is presented as clear advice to programmers on what to optimize and how to do it, increasing both performance of the application and productivity of the programmer releasing the full potential of the new processors.

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