Announcing the Job Board at insideHPC

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As you know, we here at insideHPC are all about the community. We work in HPC, we play in HPC, and occasionally (at a certain US-based conference that shall go unnamed) we party way too much in HPC.

So times are tough right now: there are companies laying off folks left and right, and companies shutting down altogether. So we got to thinking, why not a jobs board? A place where the companies that are hiring (yes Virginia, there are some of those still left) can get their jobs in front of you, the Internet’s most talented, hard working, and — doggone it — best looking HPC readers.

I honestly have no idea if this will work out to be something that HPC employers are interested in. But, our readers are from all over the world, and are from all types of organizations: vendors, government agencies, and commercial end-users. So we’re going to give it a shot.

If you are after the best talent in the world for your HPC company, insideHPC is where your job needs to be listed.

Did we mention the price to post a job? Free. Yeah, you can swing that.

Visit the insideHPC Job Board at