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ANSYS Releases Slwave 4.0

ANSYS has announced the latest release of its electromagnetic field solver, Slwave. Slwave performs “broadband signal- and power-integrity analyses along with DC voltage and current analysis for complete boards and packages.”

SIwave 4.0 will allow designers to continually push the envelope of high-speed design, deliver first-in-class performance, and go beyond the 10 Gb/s design barrier that exists in high-performance computing,” said Dr. Zol Cendes, chief technology officer and general manager at Ansoft. “These advancements in electrical simulation plus the coupling between SIwave and ANSYS Icepak provide a comprehensive solution for our customers.”

The latest version includes enhancements to the graphical user interface, a new reporter feature and improved solver enhancements. For more info, read the full release here.

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