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Cray adds CX1 storage options

This week Cray announced they have expanded the storage options available with their deskside CX1 personal cluster. There are two new storage blade options, an SSD option and a large capacity hard drive option

Cray logoThe large capacity, fixed-drive storage blade accommodates up to 4.5 terabytes of storage per blade. With a configuration that allows for up to four total storage blades, a single Cray CX1 system can accommodate 18 terabytes of total storage. The SSD storage option is available in two sizes — 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes — for a maximum of 256 gigabytes of total SSD storage. SSDs provide customers with faster read/write speeds and faster input/output operations per second than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Also, SSDs consume less electrical power than HDDs while providing greater reliability due to the absence of moving parts.

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