Datacenter of the future competition at SC09

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SC09 has posted news [PDF] of its Datacenter of the Future competition

SC09 logoIn recognition of the challenges of managing high energy usage in computers and datacenters, the SC conference organizing committee decided to hold a “Sustainable Supercomputing Datacenter of the Future” design competition at SC09 that will allow teams to come up with solutions for energy reduction in datacenters with recognition for the winning solutions. In addition, these ideas will have a far broader application, laying the groundwork for possible adoption strategies for real world datacenter energy reduction initiatives.

In the SCO9 sustainable datacenter competition, the theoretical sustainable datacenter is to be located in St Louis, Missouri and will be available to track global climates and model global climate changes. The datacenter will be available for use by universities and government agency programs and for experiments. As part of the competition rules, the datacenter must provide: 1) the most compute power with the greatest efficiency (both compute efficiency and data center infrastructure efficiency), 2) highest degree of sustainability within the least amount of space and within a pre-described critical power budget, 3) reliability requirements consistent with Uptime Institute’s Tier IV classification, 4) constant availability of both supercomputer and utility infrastructure, and 5) protection for the computing system from electrical anomalies and drastic temperature changes.

The competition will be in three phases: the RFP, the design and theoretical performance, and the presentation. More information at the link above.


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