DataDirect Releases New Storage Architecture

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Data Direct Networks, the brains behind several of the largest disk-based storage deployments alongside high performance computing, have announced their latest in storage architectures.  The Storage Fusion Architecture [SFA] marries the best of today’s processor, bus and memory technology with advanced RAID and data management algorithms.

The first platform hosted via SFA will be the DDN SFA10000.  The SFA10000 will support DDN’s previously hosted features such as cache mirroring and SATAssure Data Integrity Protection.  However, it increases performance for both structured file I/O’s and transactional workloads.  Performance numbers quoted from DDN include:

.: Block Throughput: 10GB/s

.: IOPs (block): 1,000,000 (cache) / 300,000 (disk)

.: Max Disk Storage Capacity: 1,200 Drives [SSD/SATA/SAS], 2.4 PB per array

For more info, check out the DDN website here.