EuroTech debuts Aurora super at ISC

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This week EuroTech debuted their first HPC solution at ISC. The company as a history in industrial computers, networking, and wearable PCs, but this is their first time in the HPC segment.

The system is called Aurora. A few details from the release

Eurotech, a leading provider of special purpose computing platforms, today unveiled Aurora, a revolutionary supercomputer that sets the pace for performance and efficiency. Aurora is packed with the most advanced solutions, such as quad-core high performance Intel Xeon 5500 processors series, 100Gbps per node bandwidth capacity, programmable on-node acceleration, multi-level synchronization networks and direct liquid cooling. Aurora sets a new standard of excellence in high performance computing.

…Eurotech introduces the Unified Network Architecture (UNA) in Aurora, which offers dramatic advantages over conventional HPC systems by radically improving performance and feature set. At the same time, the UNA reduces the number of physical and logical layers for exceptionally low memory to memory latency.

In each node, the UNA integrates a 60Gbps switchless 3D torus, a 40Gbps switched Infiniband network, three multilevel synchronization networks and a programmable network processor. User-programmable logic transparently enables the optimal routing of data packets and manages the multilevel synchronization networks, for seamless scalability up to multiple PetaFLOPS.

They are also (predictably) pushing, er, highlighting the green aspects of the box. The system uses the direct liquid cooling that we are starting to see come back in style, and takes advantage of the power features in the Xeon

The Intel Xeon processor 5500 series also takes intelligent power to a new level with up to 15 automated operating states. These create significant improvements in chip power management by adjusting system power consumption based on real-time throughput and without sacrificing performance.


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