Finisar intros 150 Gbps optical cable

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One of the things you guys told me in the reader survey (many thanks to those who participated and won fabulous cash and prizes) is that you wanted more coverage of areas of HPC other than compute. So when this one crossed the email transom, I knew it was for you.

Finisar Corp, a fiber optics subsystems company, announced yesterday at ISC that they’ve developed a new high speed cable called C.wire

Cable imageFinisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR), a technology leader in fiber optic solutions for high-speed networks, today introduced C.wire, a 150 gigabit per second (Gbps) optical link for storage, data center, and high-performance computing connectivity.  Based on the CXP form factor, the C.wire active optical cable (AOC) utilizes fiber optic technology to transmit parallel high-speed data in 100+ Gbps applications such as InfiniBand, 100G Ethernet, and proprietary high-speed interconnections.

..It transmits parallel 12×12.5Gbps data bi-directionally over a multimode fiber (MMF) ribbon cable. Its superior low-power, small bend radius and high-density (Gb/s per mm³) make it the ideal connectivity solution for growing data centers and HPC clusters.

…C.wire’s product offerings include a 12×12.5Gbps cable for proprietary interconnects and a 12x10Gbps cable for InfiniBand 12xQDR and 100GbE applications.

More in the release, or if you are at ISC this week you can find them at booth 612.