IBM Announces Faster HPC Services

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IBM on Thursday announced its latest addition to its HPC services portfolio.  Rooted in their Deep Computing group, the new services are designed for customers who want to get supercomputers up and running faster.  The services include installation, training and porting of applications to newly installed IBM platforms. IBM will use their bench depth within Deep Computing to drum up expertise specifically tailored to individual customers.

IBM logoBut it’s going to be a fairly narrow range of customers to begin with,” King said. HPC is useful for universities or companies in sectors like insurance or oil and gas that do a lot of research, he said. However, there could be a spike in demand for IBM’s HPC services as customers need more processing power to address more sophisticated computing requirements.

“IBM’s got the experience and brainpower to [address] what will be a maturing demand for this type of service,” King said.

Pricing will be based on the type of service and the individual customer needs.  For more info, read the full article here.