Interview with IBM's cloud chief at GigaOM

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Stacey Higginbotham over at GigaOM posted an interview with IBM’s CTO of cloud computing earlier this week timed with the launch of the companies latest cloud infrastructure product announcement (editorial at GigaOM here, IBM’s announcement here). IBM isn’t selling cycles, it’s selling the hardware and software that businesses will need to take what IBM sees as the first palatable step for its customers: building their own in-house cloud infrastructure.

From Stacey’s interview

GigaOM: Why focus on workload-specific clouds?

Kloeckner: One should really instantiate clouds with the workloads that you run on them in mind. Depending on what the delivery needs are you might have an analytics cloud separate from your collaboration cloud, and you might also decide you want to keep the test and development cloud in-house, and then expand into the public cloud for collaboration services.