New Sun performance blog

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If you’re into performance stats and a fan of Sun gear, you’ll want to know that Sun’s Strategic Applications Engineering group has set up a new blog that’s all about performance results

Sun logoWelcome to BestPerf group blog!  This blog will contain many different performance results and the best practices learned from doing a wide variety of performance work on the broad range of Sun’s products.

Over the coming days, you will see many engineers in the Strategic Applications Engineering group posting a wide variety topics and providing useful information to the users of Sun’s technologies. Some of the areas explored will be:

world-record, performance, $/Perf, watts, watt/perf, scalability, bandwidth, RAS, virtualization, security, cluster, latency, HPC, Web, Application, Database

Nothing there yet, but check back.


  1. What’s the link please John ?

  2. John West says

    Sorry, Chris. Thanks for keeping me honest. It’s in the post now, and also at

  3. No need to apologise, I was just wanting to add it to me RSS aggregator! 😉