Panasas upgrades software tools

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Panasas announced this week from ISC that they’ve upgraded the set of software tools that ship with ActiveStor 7 and 8 series hardware

Panasas, Inc.,…announced that it has begun shipping a new software release that increases data protection capabilities and overall application performance for data-intensive enterprises. Available on all new shipping ActiveStor Series 7 and 8 systems, and also as a free upgrade to existing Panasas customers, the new capabilities are being showcased at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Hamburg, Germany this week.

Key features in the upgrade

Dramatically Improved Single-Client Performance
Delivering single client performance gains of between 40 and 300 percent over previous versions, the new Panasas release has been shown by early customers to sustain throughput of over 1 Gigabyte per second (GB/sec) in their production environments.

Fast and Efficient Data Protection
Panasas’ new Asynchronous Replication capability enables rapid replication of data from the primary Panasas system to a remote backup/disaster recovery Panasas system. The system continually compares successive data snapshots to assess changes in data, maximizing data transfer efficiency by sending only the changes over the wire.

Along with improvements in security and data migration. More in the release.