PearlDiver to Use Indiana's Big Red Super

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PearlDiver, proprietor of what may be the largest HIPAA-compliant publicly available, searchable database of patient records, will use Indiana’s Big Red supercomputer for advanced data analysis.  Their mission is “to improve the ways surgeons, product manufacturers, hospitals and regulators connect with and use health care-related information.”

As the datasets we use grow exponentially larger, we need to focus more and more computer power on these complicated questions,” said Benjamin Young, president and co-founder of PearlDiver. “Access to the Big Red supercomputer will allow us to expand our analysis in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few months ago and will allow us to provide more accurate and timely answers.”

PearlDiver’s access to Big Red comes at the hands of the Indiana Initiative for Economic Development [IIED].  The program was designed to foster technological development and job growth in the state of Indiana.  The IIED partnership includes Indiana Economic Development Corp. (IEDC), Indiana University, Purdue University and IBM Inc.

This project demonstrates the value that the IEDC, IU, and Purdue are adding to our state’s economy,” said Craig Stewart, executive director of the Pervasive Technology Institute and IU associate dean for research technologies. “IU is one of just two supercomputer centers in the U.S. that are able to handle patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Thanks to state support we are able to aid an up-and-coming business in Indiana with this very unusual combination of supercomputers and HIPAA compliance. Aiding the Indiana economy is a key goal for the Pervasive Technology Institute.”

For more info on the partnership, read the full release here.