Quick update in the insideHPC Job Board

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Hey guys, I know that a good many of you have your sights set on new employment these days, and what with the insideHPC Job Board being a new thing, I wanted to keep it in front of you.

The board is sporting 15 jobs as of right now, up from 4 at the beginning of the week, with names like Cray, Lockheed Martin, HPTi, NCSA, and others. Hopefully that’s really good news for you. The good news for the companies posting here is that we have the best readers in HPC. Hey, it’s one of those win-win things all the business books talk about these days.

Also, did you notice over there at the top of the sidebar on the right? A random job posted every time the page loads under the heading “From the Job Board.” Keep an eye on that space — even if you aren’t actively looking, your dream job may show up there one day.

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